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Here you can find all my tips and tricks :) i  add new tips daily so keep checking back :)

Quick D.I.Y Hair Colouring Tip
If your colouring your hair at home, mist the ends with cold water first.  The hair here is older and more porous, so will absorb more dye than the rest, but wet hair doesn't take up colour as much as dry, so your roots will retain more dye and you'll get a much more even and natural all over shade :)

Quick Eyeliner Fix
Forgotten your eyeliner girlie's? for a quick cheat, run your mascara wand along your lower lashes to create a thin line and emphasise your eyes.

Give Teeth A Gleam!
To make teeth appear whiter choose you lipstick shades wisely. Blue toned pinks and reds can make teeth look bright, while brownish tones can make them look more yellow.

How To get rid of Dandruff
put two dissolvable aspirin tablets into a dollop of shampoo and mix together in the palm of your hand, leave on your head for two minutes then rinse and condition as normal.

To Get Lift in your Hair
Dab water along your hair line and then push it back with a headband, once dry remove headband and apply a pea size amount of styling cream to your roots for big, sexy hair :)

Want Curls but no time for Curlers in a morning?
Wash your hair two hours before bed, put some shine serum on the ends, gently twist front sections around your finger and pin back with hair grips - for soft waves in the morning!

To Make Your Eyes Look Wider
Use a cream shadow with lots of iridescent shimmer, creams are also better than powder eyeshadow at filling lines or creases in skin making eyelids appear smoother.

Mini Tips.
*clear mascara can also smooth stray hairs*  *put on a layer off chap stick before you apply your lip colour - helps colour stick*  *after applying hair mask wrap hair in foil and leave for twenty minutes - will lock in heat giving you soft hair*  *hungover? get skin glowing by mixing equal parts liquid highlighter with foundation - your skin will look luminous*  *don't apply pressed powder to the eye area - it settles into fine lines making you appear older*  *if you have greasy skin use a face mask that has sulphur in it*  *use a primer to keep foundation looking good all night*  *add shine to freshly styled hair by going over your head with a hairdryer on the cool setting on low speed*  *the easiest way to apply bronzer is to use a  large very fluffy brush*